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  • Provide services as a one-stop centre for fetal, maternal and women well-being screening
  • Provide an integrated service for the referral of high risk obstetric patients, in close collaboration with other obstetricians and disciplines
  • Have an adequate facility for the management of a full range of high risk fetal problems
  • Be a referral centre for the specialized antenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities
  • Provide high-end ultrasound facilities and expertise (Level 3) for detecting the majority of structural malformations in the fetus
  • Have a close working relationship with a medical geneticist, providing a specialized obstetric and pre-pregnancy genetic service with appropriate laboratory support
  • Provide a full range of fetal monitoring/assessment techniques, including fetal biometry, biophysical profile and Doppler ultrasound
  • Provide a centre for detailed gynaecological evaluation with ultrasound and for tertiary referral of gynaecological problems
  • Have an active research / training program in O&G ultrasound and fetal medicine