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The 3D 4D Ultrasound Course at The Saujana Resort. 31 March to 1st April 2007.
This was the 5th Educational course in 3D/4D Ultrasound conducted by MUSE (Medical Ultrasound Educators). Twenty-one doctors and ultra-sonographers attended the course; 2 from Indonesia. The event was sponsored by Diagnostica Sdn Bhd, the local distributor for GE Ultrasound systems.

Faculty members consisting of Dr Douglas Ong (Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore), Dr S Raman (FMGC, Kuala Lumpur), Dr Patrick Chia (FMGC Kuala Lumpur) gave the lectures. They covered various aspects of 3d 4d ultrasonography from the technical perspective to the clinical applications in obstetrics & gynaecology. Dr Tey Hiew Song (Tey Maternity & Specialist Centre, Muar) showed participants how to make the best of their machines during the afternoon practical hands-on sessions. Participants had the opportunity to scan on volunteers during the afternoon practical sessions.

Ms Cindy & Sameeta, technical specialists from GE Medical Systems, gave lectures on some of the pitfalls of 3D ultrasound with many examples. They also discussed the capabilities of the current technology on the GE Voluson system such as volume contrast imaging (VCI), speckle reduction imaging (SRI) and tomographic ultrasound imaging (TUI).

Some of the highlights included a sumptuous buffet lunch served in the hotel's main restaurant. Both the participants and the volunteers enjoyed a huge variety of Western and Asian foods. At the end of the 2-day course, participants were able to understand the principles of 3D 4D technology and its applications in obstetrics and gynaecology. They were also able to maximize the use of their machines to obtain high quality images for the purpose of making a clinical diagnosis.
Participants on their coffee break
Dr Patrick Chia and Dr Douglas Ong starting the course
Dr S Raman concluding his lecture
The picturesque poolside at the Saujana
Dr Tey Hiew Song showing how to maximize the use of the GE Expert
A participant during the practical session
Impressed with the new Voluson-i
Dr Raman demonstrating the finer touches of 3D ultrasound
The GE Expert
Cindy from GE prepares to give a lecture