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Towards a Healthy Mother & Baby Forum.
In conjunction with the book launch of "Is my Pregnancy Normal?"
22 April 2007.
This Public Forum obtained widespread publicity a few weeks prior to the event. As a result the sponsors (Wyeth Nutrition) had to increase the number of participants from 100 to a full capacity of 300. By 1.30 pm, the Cayman Rooms at the Sunway Resort Hotel were packed with 150 couples. Door gifts which included a copy of the book "Is my baby normal" were given to each couple who attended the forum.

The forum started with a presentation on "Do I need a 3D4D ultrasound scan in pregnancy?" by Dr Patrick Chia. Dr Chia gave an overview of three-dimensional ultrasonography from the time it was introduced in the 1970's to the present day. He showed how the images have evolved over the last 2 decades, including the latest live 3D / 4D images. After that he discussed the value of 3D ultrasonography in pregnancy and its advantages over the conventional 2D. He concluded that the usefulness of 3D technology, continues to be substantiated and the results of more studies are pending, in particular, looking at the relevance of the live 3D or 4D scan in assessing fetal behavior.

Following the presentation, Dr Patrick Chia and Dr S Raman were invited on stage to launch the book, "Is my pregnancy normal?". Both authors signed a mock-up copy of the book. After the coffee break, Dr S Raman presented his talk on "Defining the Role of a doctor in pregnancy". He started with the fact that most women will have no problems in pregnancy and delivery. However, it is essential to prepare even before pregnancy by keeping healthy and taking folic acid and multi-vitamin supplements. The aim of antenatal care is to reduce risks to both mother and her baby. The doctor's role is essential to identify the high risk mother and baby with good antenatal care including tests such as ultrasound scan. Having identified these risks, the doctor will take steps to avoid the complications or at least the impact of those risks to the mother and her baby.

The program ended with a talk from the nutritionist Mr John Lee on "Nutrition in pregnancy.

Backdrop of the public forum
First prize Lucky Draw
The Panel of speakers: Dr Patrick Chia, Dr Yap Moy Juan & Mr John Lee
The authors with the Wyeth Girls!
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What a big turn-out
A participant asking a question
Listening intently to the lecture
Don't rush, there's enough food
Complimentary books for participants
Signing a copy of the book
Welcome to the official book launch