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Editors :
·   Alysa Seet
·   Patrick Chia
·   Raman Subramaniam

Publishers : MUSE

The 18-23 weeks fetal anomaly scan
Ultrasound in obstetrics has become increasingly more complex and challenging since its introduction some 40 years ago. The exponential advances in computer and electronic technology have facilitated the clinical applications. Commercially available ultrasound systems are more affordable, allowing ultrasound to be widely used in all spheres of medicine.
The 18-23 weeks detailed fetal anomaly scan forms an integral part in the evaluation of the fetus for structural anomalies. Ultrasound is the principal diagnostic tool in the antenatal detection of fetal abnormalities but more often it serves to reassure parents in the normality of the baby. However, the sensitivity in the detection of fetal abnormalities varies widely and depends on many factors including the training and experience of the operator.
"Perspectives in Fetal Medicine: The 18-23 weeks scan (Detection of fetal anomalies)" is the second book in this series, which aims to assist the practicing sonographer to develop a systematic approach when scanning the fetus. The chapters are presented according to the various body systems with practical tips and advice. The common anomalies are emphasized in each system. Many ultrasound pictures and illustrations exemplify the text. Most of the ultrasound images are taken from the editors' repertoire of images collected over the years.
We hope that this book will be helpful not only to those who are just starting out in obstetric scanning but also the experienced, to "compare notes" and improve their scanning skills.
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